Guerre Naïve by Superinfocom (thanks @LittleMonsta)

Guerre Naïve (site appears to be down, currently) is a cool little animation that has an interesting mix of styles, bright colors and lighting, and a fun little exercise in CG animation. At times the CG reminded me of the “almost looks stop-motion” quality that things like “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil” did, but much subtler.

I don’t read much French or Japanese, but it seems to have come out of Superinfocom, an animation school in France.

From what I can tell, music was done by Yann van der Cruyssen and this guy, Bruno Mayor, appears to have done some of the fantastic artwork used. And this Remoz guy calls it “my short movie”, so maybe that’s the HMFIC to congratulate for all this 🙂

More stuff from Superinfocom Valenciennes here and here.

Fans of animation (and who else would be reading this at all) would do good to click on most of those links for more great art and animation.

Guerre Naïve from Guerre Naïve on Vimeo.

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