Disney+Dali=Destino – weird and cool (thanks @LittleMonsta via @GreatDismal)

God, where do I even start with this one? I never thought I’d be posting something from Disney in relation to Liquid TV, but damned if there aren’t some hidden gems that surface every now and then.Destino by Disney & Dali

I could reiterate all the facts, but blog MonstersAndRockets.com has done a fine job of that, so you can just read their writeup. But for those who just want the meat of it all, here it is: Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí started work on an animation back in 1946. They got 18 seconds of test footage done before work stopped. Disney’s nephew, Roy, while putting together Fantasia 2000, decided to complete what had been started and I’m glad he did.

I guess it’s enough to say “Disney meets Dali” to get the idea of what you’re in for with this 6+ minute of footage, but for animation and LTV fans specifically, you may perk up a bit when you see what appears to Peter Chung-esque scenes in there. Did Dali influence Chung or are they both just creatively twisted in a fun way?

As was pointed out in the M&R blog, it’s a wonder this video hasn’t been pulled yet, so watch it while you can.

I give you, Destino.

Thanks to William Gibson for retweeting @LittleMonsta on this great animation.

UPDATED: Adding a proper “Via” link for lazy people who drop right to the bottom of a post without reading it 🙂

Via @GreatDismal (William Gibson) via @LittleMonsta via Monsters and Rockets.

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